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Helps temporarily reduce symptoms of mild mental and physical stress

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Stress has become a fact of life, experienced on many different levels ranging from work, family, relationships, lack of sleep, and more. You can't eliminate stress but you can manage it. At some point in time, the majority of all adults will suffer from some adverse health effects due to stress. Immunotec offers a natural solution!

Seren-T200 contains an active peptide from milk protein. This peptide is actually the "active ingredient" in a warm glass of milk that makes you calm! Seren-T200 helps temporarily reduce symptoms of mild mental and physical stress.

Seren-T200 is ALL-NATURAL, and it has undergone clinical testing in human beings to prove its efficacy.

Seren-T200 is a good choice if:

  • You feel over-worked or stressed from your lifestyle
  • You are an athlete or otherwise under regular mild physical stress
  • You are a woman who has PMS-related stress


Health Canada granted NPN (Natural Product Number): 80028496

  • Helps temporarily reduce symptoms of mild mental and physical stress.
  • Contains a naturally-sourced bioactive milk peptide.

Medicinal ingredients per capsule:

Milk protein hydrolysate
(alpha S1 casein tryptic hydrolysate, a fraction of skimmed cow's milk)
100 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Sodium caseinate and hypromellose (vegetable capsule).

It is a "decapeptide" (10 amino acids) called "Alpha-Casozepine".

Proteins are made up of chains of amino acids. A very short chain of amino acids is called a peptide.

Seren-T200 is believed to bind to "GABA" receptors in the brain. This has a calming effect.

No colouring agents are added to Seren-T200. The off-white colour of the powder is its natural colour. The capsule is coloured with the most common white colouring agent for pharmaceutical products.

It is made from vegetable source.

Seren-T200 is a safe, natural product when used according to the dosage instructions on the label.

Milk proteins are hydrolyzed and split up into their constituents peptides by means of enzymes. The active petptide is then concentrated for maximum activity.