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Become a Consultant and start enjoying all the benefits we have prepared for you:

Get a 30% discount on the purchase of all Immunotec products and access to special promotions.

Start your own Immunotec Business by enrolling New Consultants and generating income through our generous Compensation Plan.

Be part of exclusive incentives with the whole Immunotec Family.

Be part of a community where you can grow both personally and professionally with all the events we provide for you.

Become a Consultant

Why Join Immunotec?

Don’t take it from us, take if from other people who have been in your position.

“It has been helpful for me and my family. We are healthy and it is amazing to be able to help others.”
– Laura Kanter

“Immunotec has the greatest product ever, IMMUNOCAL. Also, the compensation plan is awesome and fair.”
– Calderon Jiugo

“Immunotec is the best; I got my health back! There’s nothing else like it.”
– Susan Loeppky

Compensation Plan

Immunotec’s Compensation Plan rewards you with immediate and long-term income based on the sale of products to personal Customers and for showing others how to do the same.

With Immunotec there are seven ways to earn:

  • Customer Retail Profit

  • Customer AutoShip Profit

  • Customer Volume Bonus

  • Business Builder Bonus

  • Team Commissions

  • Moving Up and Accelerated Bonuses

  • Sponsor Moving up and Accelerated Bonuses

Start your Immnotec business!
Become a Consultant

Business Opportunity and Benefits:

Invest in your life!

Develop a healthy lifestyle with high quality products while building your own business through a generous Compensation Plan to earn additional income.

With Immunotec you:

  • Are backed by a company with a 25-year track record

  • Manage your time

  • May diversify your income

  • Develop professional and leadership skills

  • Have access to continued learning and trainings

Welcome Kit

When you sign up with Immunotec, you receive a Welcome Kit exclusively designed to help you grow your business and share the Immunotec opportunity with your prospects. In addition, you will have access to digital tools in your Business Center that will help you grow your business with Immunotec.

Here is the content of this practical Welcome Kit:

  • Welcome brochure

  • Compensation Plan

  • Planner

  • Flipchart: Discover Immunotec

  • Our DNA is Living Better flyer

  • Roadmap: Road to success with Immunotec

  • Immunotec branded pin

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