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The healthy energy alternative

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  • Content : 30 stick packs | 5.2 g of powder each | net content 156 g


Rapid & Sustained Energy

with our exclusive blend of 3 natural caffeine sources:

        • Green tea leaf extract
        • Green Coffee bean extract
        • Guarana seed extract

The Booster is powered by our exclusive Nrf2 catalyst™ containing the most powerful Nrf2 switch on the market today:

      • SULFORAPHANE or broccoli seed extract. Sulforaphane activates the body’s natural detoxification system*
      • SELENIUM teams up with glutathione to strengthen antioxidant defenses*

Based On Revolutionary Science.

The ability to decode human DNA resulted in the new field of “epigenetics”, the study of how we can switch certain genes on and off. The Nrf2 gene is our critical survival gene and makes all our antioxidants work better. The Nrf2 Catalyst™ turns this Nrf2 gene on.


Immunocal Increases Glutathione.* The Booster Optimizes It.*

      • Immunocal provides the building blocks for the production of glutathione, your body’s master antioxidant*
      • The Booster makes Immunocal work harder and last longer
      • Improves the mixability of Immunocal
Optimized glutathione

The Immunotec Advantage

      1. The FIRST natural energy booster with an Nrf2 activator
      2. The MOST powerful Nrf2 activator in the marketplace, sulforaphane
      3. The BEST glutathione solution - Immunocal provides thebuilding blocks and the Booster amplifies it*


  • Your GO-TO for energy
  • Immediate Energy
  • Sustained Energy
  • Increased Focus

Medicinal ingredients per stick:

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 60 mg
Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) 500 mcg
Selenium (Selenomethionine) 25 mcg
Caffenine (Camellia sinensis leaf) 70 mg
Caffeine (Coffea canephora seed) 70 mg
Guarana 3:1 extract (22% caffeine; Paullinia cupana seed) 45.5 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Brassica oleracea italica (Broccoli) extract, maltodextrin, citric acid, natural flavours, Oryza sativa (rice) hull concentrate, Rebaudioside A, and beta carotene (colour).


The Energy Booster contains two components:

  • An Nrf2 catalyst to enhance both glutathione and antioxidant action
  • A proprietary blend of components for energy and focus.

The Energy Booster contains a blend of three natural caffeine sources for energy and focus.

The Energy Booster contains 150 mg of caffeine which is approximately two cups of coffee.

Using a single source of caffeine such as a cup of coffee will increase energy for a brief spike in time and then wear off quickly. Using three different natural caffeine sources spreads out the effect so that it reached appreciable levels of energy quickly, but also will provide sustained levels over time. This is because these different sources of caffeine are metabolized by the body differently.

The Nrf2 gene is a gene (piece of DNA code) that enhances glutathione and antioxidant metabolism.

The Nrf2 gene needs to be “switched on” to work. An Nrf2 “activator” turns this switch on.

Sulforaphane is a highly studied and scientifically validated Nrf2 activator. Immunotec’s sulforaphane comes from broccoli seeds.

Selenium is an essential trace nutrient mineral. Its major role is its integration into the important enzyme called “Glutathione Peroxidase”.

Glutathione Peroxidase is a critical antioxidant enzyme produced by our body.

In simplest terms, the glutathione produced by the Immunocal will be enhanced.

Not recommended. Cellular glutathione production still requires the precursors found in Immunocal. Once produced by the cell, the glutathione effect will be enhanced.

Yes! It is encouraged to take the Energy Booster with your Immunocal or Immunocal Platinum. The Energy Booster was designed to enhance your Immunocal experience.

Both Immunocal or the Energy Booster can be mixed with any beverage as long as it is not hot. This is a personal taste preference. The strength of the taste can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of fluid mixed in with the product.

Certainly. It has its own independent benefits as well.

Immunotec’s Energy Booster is different for several reasons:

  • It uniquely combines a natural energy booster with an Nrf2 activator
  • It is the most powerful Nrf2 activator in the marketplace with sulforaphane
  • It is the best glutathione solution; Immunocal provides the building blocks for the production of glutathione and the Booster amplifies it.

Epigenetics represents a new understanding of genetics. “Epi” (Latin for “Above”) refers to the fact that there is a mechanism “above” our DNA that can modify how DNA codes are expressed. Epigenetic “switches” can turn on or off certain DNA sequences. These epigenetic differences can be inherited along with our DNA.

You can take the Energy Booster first thing in the morning to start your day fresher, mid-morning or mid-afternoon to perk you up, before working out, or if you need to stay up late at night to do shift work.

It is possible that the effects of the caffeine can do that, depending on the individual’s sensitivity to caffeine. If this happens, try to avoid taking the Energy Optimizer after 3pm.

One per day is the suggested dose. Taking more will amplify the effects of the caffeine.

Yes, the Superfood Booster helps supplement your diet with plant nutrients from fruits and vegetables while the Energy Booster will boost your energy and improve your focus.

All of these conditions can potentially be affected by caffeine. These are common warnings that should appear on any responsible “energy” product.

Pregnant women should seek the advice of a health care practitioner prior to use.

In Canada only. This is a potential interaction with Selenium.

No. The sweet flavor comes from the stevia. Our source of stevia is “rebaudioside-A”, the best-tasting stevia.

The sweetener used is stevia, which does not contribute significantly to caloric load. Regardless, any supplements taken by diabetics should be discussed with the treating health professional.

Anyone who is allergic to any of the components listed on the ingredients should avoid using the Booster. Individuals with high blood pressure, heart disease or anxiety need to take this with caution (see above). Asking you health professional before taking any supplements is always advised.

Remember, this product is made with natural ingredients and some of these ingredients are prone to settling.

Yes, the Energy Booster is gluten-free.