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Immunotec’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Immunotec’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is a respected team of experts dedicated to providing high quality and scientifically proven products. The SAB developed standards of evidence based on the pre-clinical and clinical studies conducted to standardize the health and wellness we offer our Customers. In addition, they represent Immunotec publicly while focusing on the regulatory decisions made in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Dr. Jimmy Gutman

  • MD Chief Scientific Officer

  • Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for Immunotec

  • Board of Directors for the Canadian Association of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Gutman was trained at the University of Calgary. He did his emergency medicine residency at Emory University. His accomplished career in Canada has led him to address multiple national and international medical conferences and training for doctors and students.

He has focused on Glutathione for over two decades and has written multiple best-selling books on the topic.

“This is the most important natural health product you will ever use.”

Dr. Patricia Kongshavn M.Sc., Ph.D.

  • Honorary Lifetime Member and Co-Founder of Immunocal

  • Member of the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University

Dr. Kongshavn received her honors degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. She completed her master’s in Physiology and her doctoral degree in Immunology at McGill University.

Her focus on the research of cellular immunology and the influence of dietary proteins on immune responsiveness led to her collaboration with Dr. Gustavo Bounous. Their work led to the discovery of the whey protein concentrate that regulates glutathione levels and promotes immune-enhancing activity. This product is now famously known as IMMUNOCAL.

“Immunocal is a natural source for the maintenance of a strong immune system.”

John Molson

  • Co-Founder of Immunotec

  • Research Ambassador

  • Honorary Lifetime Member of Immunotec’s Scientific Advisory Board

John Molson has been securing high-level research partners worldwide since the 1990’s. He contributed in over 30 medical publications and in 4 patent applications. Thanks to him, Immunocal was listed in the American PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference) and the Canadian CPS (Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties).

As an elite athlete, Molson showed Dr. Bounous Immunocal’s potential in human performance. This established Immunocal as a trusted sports nutrition solution.

Dr. Nathan Lewis

  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Immunotec

  • Lead Performance and Clinical Nutrition Scientist for ORRECO

  • Lead Performance Nutrition Scientist at Institute of Sport (EIS)

  • Research fellow at St. Mary’s University

Dr. Lewis began his career as a dietitian. He specialized in intensive care medicine and was then recruited by the EIS as a performance nutritionist. His main focus is on biomarkers, oxidative stress and Overtraining Syndrome.

Dr. Dan Linseman

  • PhD Pharmacology

  • Professor of Neuropharmacology and Cell Signaling, University of Denver

  • Member of Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Linseman received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Michigan. He also completed his PhD in Pharmacology.

His research is focused on neurotrauma, neurodegeneration and neurophysiology with an emphasis on Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Linseman studies the impact of oxidative stress, the role of antioxidants, anti-neuroinflammatory, and neuroprotective properties in a variety of natural products, including Immunocal.